BitCrude™ – Melius Energy Partnership Creates a New Alternative for Market Access

BitCrude™ process makes it possible to transport undiluted bitumen to global markets.

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Calgary, Alberta, September 23, 2019 – Calgary based BitCrude and Melius Energy have partnered to use the BitCrude transportation solution to safely and economically transport undiluted bitumen to Global Markets.

The BitCrude™ transportation solution is a process that includes three distinct elements; A state-of-the-art Diluent Recovery Unit to produce a new, safe form of undiluted bitumen; Transportation using custom 20-foot shipping containers and; A proprietary process to remove the undiluted bitumen from the shipping containers. The undiluted bitumen created by the BitCrude™ process is different from diluted bitumen, or “dilbit”, because undiluted bitumen does not require pipelines or tankers to be transported.  

“The product that comes out of the BitCrude™ process is a semi-solid, making it safe to transport in our custom shipping containers on standard rail and vessel infrastructure both domestically and internationally,” said BitCrude™ creator Cal Broder.  “Melius Energy has been created to support the commercialization and marketing of this semi-solid crude oil”.

In addition to the economical advantages created through the BitCrude™ process, the undiluted bitumen is safe to transport. Transported as a semi-solid, the bitumen is designated as a non-dangerous good, is non-flammable for transportation purposes, floats in both fresh and saltwater in custom designed shipping containers and is non-toxic to marine life.

The BitCrude™ DRU is an electrically powered diluent recovery unit. The process avoids further fossil fuel combustion and requires no chemicals, additives nor diluent, creating both a safer product, and a facility with a reduced green house gas footprint. The DRUs are modular scalable, and stackable; all to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiencies. 

“Melius is thrilled to work with BitCrude™ to utilize existing infrastructure to move bitumen, similar to how we move other consumer goods,” said Melius Energy President, Nicole Zhang. Adding, “the commercialization of this technology makes both economic and environmental sense.”

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About BitCrude™

The BitCrude™ process has been perfected as a result of over a decade of research, testing and demonstration. Founded by Cal Broder, BitCrude™ has developed a process that creates semi-solid bitumen, using a diluent recovery unit process. BitCrude™ is unique because of it’s a scalable, modular and adaptable design. For more information visit

 About Melius Energy

Melius Energy is a Calgary-based, Canadian owned, energy firm committed to the safe and responsible transportation of Canadian bitumen to international markets. Founded in 2019, Melius Energy is built on the belief that Canadian bitumen can be transported, domestically and internationally, in a safe and economical way. For more information visit

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